Monday, March 9, 2009

Women in Thailand

Joop Joop

The party was held on some soi by the Phrom Pong BTS. Steven and I met up with Kev after having a beer and some fries at the ex-pat bar, The Dubliner. Kev was acting, hyphy, as usual. He consumes several large bottles of Coca Cola which supplements his ADD tendencies. Kev was hopping about on one foot anxious to get to the party to meet some Thai gash when we arrived. We walked down the soi that extended from Sukumwit. Kev blathered on about this and that, while I thought about how I needed to use the bathroom. We eventually made it to the small apartment in the bottom of a condo. We took off our shoes and entered the smoke filled den. The party was somewhat full with about 30 people in attendance. It was a mixture of Thais and ex-pats. There was a large table full of liquor and mixers. Kev and Steven quickly put themselves to the drink while I continued to drink my water. I watched the party slide through time as I passively sat in a chair. I stood up for a second and felt a burning sensation on my hand.

"Ow," I cried.

The woman who had burned my hand with her cigarette looked at me. "Oh, I'm sollee," she said. She then pointed at her cheek. "Here, here," she demanded. She kept pointing to the side of her cheek that was now turned towards me.

I was confused. What was she doing. Did she want me to kiss her cheek? She was the one who burned me. Was this some sort of weird Thai custom that I didn't know about. Wanting not to insult the young woman I kissed her cheek.

"Oh, ha! No I said look at this here," she said.

"Oh I thought you said kiss this here," I replied. I thought about apologizing but then decided to chalk it up to cultural differences. Besides it'd been a long time since I'd kissed a Thai girl.


Siam Paragon is a large bougerois mall in the center of Bangkok. After multiple attempts to try and find each other, Laura, finally found me at the edge of the food court standing by a composed and grinning Ronald McDonald. As hunger had gripped my stomach we walked through the food court into the Paragon grocery store. I picked up some sushi, spring rolls, and a bottle of water while Laura grabbed some sort of pad thai dish. We paid for our meals and sat down to eat.

Laura came out here a week ago from Canada. She lived and worked out there for a year after coming out here to Thailand. Her initial trip was a disaster. She broke her ankle and her back and was confined to a desk job in Toronto. Geared on Muay Thai she sold her record collection and all her posessions to come out here and train. For some reason we started talking about relationships...

"I dated a trainer up north for a while," she said. "He was nice and I liked him. Then he had to go to Bangkok for a few months so the relationship fizzled out. I was pretty bored up north. I couldn't really do anything as my ankle was fucked up. I started to hang out with another Thai fighter. He was okay. He drank a lot. When he fought he'd lose. His head just wasn't right. When the trainer came back up north he kept asking me how things were between the fighter and I. I told him the truth. They were okay but not that great. The fighter was drunk all the time and wasn't super nice. I guess my exotic appeal was wearing off. A week or two later they both started talking to me about a fight up north towards Chang Mai. They said they were both fighting. I was excited to see them fight so I went up there. When the bell rang for the fight to start I saw that they were fighting each other! I didn't know which side to stand on. The first thing that happens is that the trainer walks up to the fighter and knees him in the balls. That was the end of the fight."

"Things between me and the fighter died out and I started hanging out with the trainer again. It was funny as right after the fight he poked me and pointed up at the stage then smiled. I couldn't believe these two guys just tried to fight over me. Anyways I kept hanging out with the trainer. We started having sex and we used a thai condom. It was the first time that I'd used a thai condom and I thought it was great! A few days later the trainer came to my place and asked me if I had bled yet. He showed up a few days after that and asked me again. Each time he asked he'd get really happy when I told him I hadn't. He had pulled off the condom when we had sex to try to get me pregnant. Luckily I didn't get pregnant."

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