Monday, March 30, 2009

Breakfast items

Stephen and I were watching the tail end of Ong Bak 2 when Jo Jo came in. He sat down on the furniture with us and fiddled with his bag.

"What are you watching," he asked.

"Ong Bak 2. Its pretty terrible," I said.

"Yeah, its in Thai but I get the feeling we're not missing much important dialogue. There's been two conversation scenes in the movie," Stephen added.

"In his last movie, Tony Jaa had two lines in the entire movie. 'Protect my elephant, protect my elephant!'"

I laughed and when the movie was over with its confusing ending we flipped on some sports. The sports channel has tons of boxing, k-1 fighting, and wwf wrestling. I've grown to enjoy the wrestling after watching "The Wrestler," starring Mickey Rourke. Rourke plays a down and out wrestle who struggles to make ends meet while his body fails him. Along with his physical decline is an inability to have long lasting emotions. He rages and flips out. Its a great movie.

Mike came in about a half hour into our lagging about and sat down. He opened up his dinner of morning greens, and rice and chowed away while we continued our light conversation.

"What does waffling mean," Stephen asked.

"I think it means loitering, but also with worrying conotations," I said.

"I thought it meant horse play. Like when you're at the pool and the lifeguard yells at you; 'Quit waffling about,' Mike said.

"I was reading from this book, I didn't prepare a lesson for my students and I came across the word waffle. It said that something like the politician was talking a lot, and being indecisive so he was waffling. I thought that, that wasn't right at all," said Stephen.

"Well he was waffling, loitering with his words, and his indeciveness caused worry. What's he gonna decide? I don't know! Oh god the anxiety," I said laughing.

"Yeah, or maybe he's flipping his decisions around causing horseplay with his speech," Mike chuckled.

"I mean 90% of the time to waffle means the breakfast items, so it doesn't really matter but I felt bad because I was teaching right from the book and the book was just wrong," Stephen lamented. He was obviously in a tight ethical situation. Would he give the students the correct answer tomorrow or stick to the curriculum.

"Has anyone ever eaten those waffles at the bts," I asked.

"I have. They're delicious. The street waffles are always so soggy," Mike said.

"Yeah, they are soggy," Stephen said.

"I need some syrup. Where do you think I could get some," Mike asked.

"Maybe at the Emporium grocery store," I replied. Images of waffles flooded my mind. Thick waffles with strawberries, schellacked in syrup with whipped creme on top. My mouth watered.

"Hey guys, I want to play some guy music for my show who do you think I should play," Jo jo asked. Jo Jo would be djing a Lady Gaga themed dance party at club culture on wednesday. We all planned on attending.

"Who are you playing," Stephen asked.

"George Michael," Jo Jo replied.

"That's pretty gay. Why don't you play some Iggy Pop," I said.

"No, he's too raw. What are some other guy bands that people like?"

"You could play 'The Cure,' or David Bowie," Mike said.

"I plan on playing 'Let's dance,'" Jo Jo said.

"What about New Order," Stephen said.

"Yeah, play 'Temptation,' that song is great."

"New Order is sort of gay," Mike said.

"I think they're ambigious. I mean, they're sort of gay but still a little straight," Stephen said.

"They're sort of like metrosexuals before there was a metro," I said.

Cut Copy is an Australian band. They sort of rip off New Order but are still pretty awesome.

1   /ˌwɒfəl/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [wof-uhl]
1. a batter cake with a pattern of deep indentations on each side, formed by the gridlike design on each of the two hinged parts of the metal appliance (waffle iron) in which the cake is baked.
2. Also, waffled. having a gridlike or indented lattice shape or design: a waffle pattern.

2   /ˈwɒfəl/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [wof-uhl] -fled, -fling, noun Informal.
–verb (used without object)
1. to speak or write equivocally: to waffle on an important issue.
–verb (used with object)
2. to speak or write equivocally about: to waffle a campaign promise.
3. waffling language

3   /ˈwɒfəl/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [wof-uhl] Show IPA
–verb (used without object), -fled, -fling. British.
to talk foolishly or without purpose; idle away time talking.
1695–1705; orig. dial. (N England); appar. waff to bark, yelp (imit.) + -le

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