Saturday, March 7, 2009

Notes on a hot summer day

ITs another hot day. The tarmac is boiling. The vendors duck under whatever shade their stalls offer and sweat. I walked down soi 65 to the computer building. Part home, part computer shop the multi purpose building also has a series of laundry machines in front of it. I dumped in my clothes, detergent, and 30 baht to clean my clothes. The woman selling fried chicken looked fried from the sun and was dozing in front of her small stand. Inside was just one young boy who was doing internet chatting. I sat down and started to check my email.

The passage of time out here is different than at home. Its slower, and more routine. The daily motions of training wrap me up and put me on a schedule. The days slowly melt with the sun. My fight at Rajamadern is coming up in a week. I have to profess a little bit of nervousness. Rajamadern is an olympic style stadium. I'm sure I'll perform fine, a smidge worried about getting tired but my 6 hour a day training should take care of my 15 minute fight.

Today I slept a lot. My body is still tired and my eye is slightly pained. Last night after training I laid around and ate, then ate some more. In the evening Steven and I went to an ex-pat bar and had a drink then went to a house party where everyone was smoking and the air conditioning wasn't on. I left the smoke filled den for a shower and overdue slumber.

Today I hope to eat some indian food. Maybe go see the new watchmen movie.

The days pass into the night.

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