Monday, March 2, 2009

La Haine!

Its pissing rain. Pouring buckets and buckets. I'm apprehensive about going outside and getting soaked. I should have walked home instead of stopping in this internet cafe to check my email. Oh well.

I've continued to watch movies during my time off. I've seen two that are exceptionally poignant.

The first I saw is a film called Raspberry Reich. The film is basically a gay porno with revolutionary slogans spliced in. The main characters abduct a rich, gay man in order to expropriate money from his father. Sex ensues. Sloganeering ensues. The film is hilarious.

The second film is "La Haine." Released in 1995, it came out on dvd in 2006. I actually thought the film was made in the last year or two. Set in the parisian ghetto, the story follows three lumpen boys on a day of their listless lives. It denotes the anguishing boredom of their situation and their inability to change their social situations. It was painful to watch the characters struggle with their surroundings. They were so... stuck. It reminded me a lot of being younger, of being broke, of being full of rage and being completely impotent to change my life. Another reason I liked the movie, of course, is because their is a muay thai boxing scene in it. Huzzah!

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