Saturday, February 2, 2008

Chang Bazaar

The chang bazaar is never that full. At night the tables are at most a third full. The stage is lit up by 8pm and the dancers are out in their sequined outfits shortly thereafter. Last night the dancers consisted of two lady boys, a fat girl, and a young woman, not the most attractive bunch. The lights are operated by a young hip looking 19 year old. He flips the light switches on and off while trying not to succumb to the heavy hand of ennui.

During the day the back of the stage serves as ad hoc housing. There are a series of tents and some vehicles which serve as living structures. The dancers are usually laying about chatting with each other or talking. I walk through the area four or five times a day and every time they see me they laugh and say hello. Its a little embarrassing. Lately its been rainy so the area is a bit flooded. The dancers walk around in flip flops casually making their way through the huge puddles.

I'm fighting next saturday in pattaya. I leave bangkok at the end of the month.

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