Monday, February 11, 2008


I woke up today around 10am. I laid in bed for an hour then made a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich. I get tired of eating out all the time. Surprisingly eating rice and tofu, rice and vegetables, or pad thai every day can get really boring.

I don't have anything to do. I went to the gym yesterday and they told me I should take another day off. So I ended up meeting up with Wong at the Hua Lampong vegetarian restaraunt. We ate there with a berkeley cal student named Jennifer. Jen's been touring around south east asia for the last six weeks. Wong went back to his place for the night and Jen and I went to the night bazaar by lumpinee park. We walked around the bazaar for an hour or so while she looked for trinkets and gifts for her roommates and brother. She didn't find anything and we sat around eating falafel.

She has a couple thai friends out here and we ended up meeting up with them in the khao san area. We sat by a converted gas station (changed into a bar) and had some beers then went to a falang bar that was pretty grotesque. Two orange skinned fat australian dudes joined our table and ogled the girls. Eventually we took a taxi back to my place. On the way back Jen puked out the side of the cab. It was somewhat sad, and somewhat funny.

I go home in a little over two weeks. I'm glad. I don't have any more goals of things to do while I'm out here. I'd still like to go to Ayuttha the old capital of Siam. I'll probably end up doing that when Vi comes out.

Shortly after arriving back home there's a smoker at Pacific Ring. I'll probably do pretty well if I continue to stay in shape out here.

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