Thursday, February 7, 2008

Call for Strict Monitoring of 'love nests' for youngsters

Excerpted from the Bangkok Post Feb. 7th 2008

Ayutthaya - The provincial cultural council yesterday called for strict monitoring of love nests for underage couples on Valentine's Day. They range from love motels to internet cafes.

Council chairman Jiraphan Pimpan voiced concerns that several love motels have cropped up around the city and that all outbound highways in every direction lead to such motels.

She urged police and related agencies to step up checks at motels which the council has found to have allowed minors, who usually arrived on motorcycles.

Motel operators should make sure that their customers are not minors by requesting their identity cards at check in, she said.

The council's survey also identified six locations that young couples chose for promiscuous behavior or even premature sex.

They include three public parks- near the Somdej Phra Sri Suriyothai monument and King Naesuan monument and the Somdej Phra Srinakarindra Roromarajajonani park.

Teens were found to have got carred away in the provincial sports stadium, particularly the area on the back of a basketball field.

Other locations include karaoke rooms, internet cafes and isolated corners in department stores.
"Authorities should strictly monitor and prevent premature sex in these locations throughout the year," she said. "The sale of condoms at grocery stores also encourages sex amongst youngsters."

Media hype surrounding Valentine's Day had encouraged teens to skipp classes to engage in sexual activity, she said.

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