Monday, December 3, 2007

MD Place

The complex is composed of three buildings. The apartment building in which Mike Wong has his decent sized studio, a small run of shops (including a club for girls) and another apartment building. The second apartment building has a restaraunt which services the apartments, and a pool hall. The pool hall is called the snooker room. In between the run of shops, and Wong's building are washing machines, and two food stands. One offers some sort of thai corner food and the other will produce you with pineapple, mango, guava, etc. for 20 baht. The restaraunt which I attend at least once a day dishes out cheap thai food for about 45 baht a plate.

Mike pays a little over 200 baht for his apartment with utilities. Included in the room is a small table, a tv stand, and a desk with a mirror attached to it. The toilet has the western amenity of a toilet roll holder along with the thai amenity of a water spout to shoot water into your ass after a mean shotgun shit. The shower is large and has a big ass drain in the corner of the tiled area. The small sink on the patio that pours out tainted water and is next to the small clothesline (there are no dryers in thailand). There is no kitchen area, this is due to the plethora of cheap food stalls. Many people in bangkok eat out all the time and don't make their own meals. The room has a hotel feel to it.

The restaraunt is called the Red Chaba. Its usually empty when I go in. Most of their business is to the residents in the complex. The workers take turns running dishes up to the apartment rooms. It seems that the workers do long hours. When I've gone in the morning the same people will be there as at night. There are two nice ladies and a hipster looking boy who do the front of the house work. One of the women is about 35, the other looks like she's my age. The older women has been telling me lately that the younger girl thinks I'm cute. Every time I go in to eat while the younger woman is there she gets flustered and embarassed. Mike said that she was constantly telling him that he missed her and loves him. When Mike brought in a female friend she quit making declarations of love. She's always in there working. I assume that she works close to 11 hours a day along with most other thais.

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krugift said...

sounds like you're having a good time. when does the training start. the class says hello.