Sunday, November 25, 2007


With hopes I'll be able to write about my stay in Thailand on here. My assumption is that I'll be by myself which will mean a highter output of letters and I'll finally get around to finishing up letters to regular correspondents.

Philly Crunk was written on my sisters' couch in the suburbs of philadelphia. James and I were bored and so we started to write together.

Fragments was a writing excercise that my friend Leona was talking about. You make a sentence or two depiction. Its a way to try to make your writing more aesthetic.

The story "I'd like a place I could call my own" which is a line from a depeche mode song will probably be left unfinished. After the couple had sex the man was going to tell the woman a tale. I got the idea from a Murakami short story.

"Reach Out and Touch Faith," again titled after a depeche mode song is a cathartic piece about an affair. Sometimes I wish I was one of my characters.

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