Sunday, December 16, 2007

Back in Bangkok

I decided to come back to bangkok after spending six days in pattaya. I trained about twice a day at Sityodtong for five days. I would wake up at six in the morning to run the three or four miles to the camp. After doing a few laps around the camp I did light pad work. Pon, or one of the other trainers would hold pads for me. Next it was twenty minutes of knee sparring with this kid named Bpee. One of the instructors jokingly told me that he jerks off a lot. Bpee had bad acne but was pretty good at muay thai. After knee sparring I'd do some sit ups and push ups then go home to eat and sleep. The afternoon session was a bit longer but basically the same. Instead of knee sparring right away I'd hit the bag for a little while. The pad holding is the same pretty much everywhere, although I did like this one trainer at Sityodtong named Geek. He really emphasized working on my power and technique. However, the actual work took up about half the round, the rest of the time Geek would be talking to other people, looking outside the ring, or otherwise distracted. When doing bag work i noticed Pon answering his cell phone a lot. I guess he's got a lot of girlfriends. The trainers at Sityodtong seemed pretty burnt out on all the vacationers and transitory tourists. The prices were expensive and the attention level low. Mike Regnier told me that they'd be pretty jaded by the tourism but I didn't think it would be that bad. I decided I didn't want to stick it out and wait as I wasn't super impressed with the training of their fighters (like Bpee). A lot of the time the fighters (mainly thai teenagers) would be hanging out waiting for the instructors to do pad work with them. So here I am back in bangkok and back training at Ingram's.

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jo said...

Hey Matt--

Not sure if you remember me. But I started at Pacific Ring in oct and had a few afternoon classes with you.

Anyways, randomly stumbled upon your blog and see that you are in Thailand. I'm heading there in Feb for a month long head-cleaning / training / vacation on Phuket. How long you gonna be there? Are you there just for training?