Thursday, December 27, 2007

Internet cafe

Today is boxing day, monday, wednesday, and friday after our short run we box. Our short run is about forty minutes long. The long morning run takes about an hour. I've gotten used to the conditions and the training so the afternoon run actually does seem short. Right after I get to the gym I'll put on my hand wraps and mouth piece then start sparring. There's a new Japanese guy, named Akida, who I've been sparring with a lot. He's not as good as me, but is my size. Its pretty fun. I gave him a bloody nose the first time we spar, and our subsequent sessions together hasn't made his nose less leaky. On wednesday he made my head ring though, and I punched incorrectly so my right index finger feels slightly sprained. My fist wasn't curled in enough I think. Besides my head ringing he also made my earing dulled, I think he boxed my bears. By cupping your opponents ears you can dizzy them, and dull their hearing. Dee Pooler showed it to me once.

The training life is pretty routine. Get up at 6am go to the gym. Find food. Nap. Read. Write. Go to the gym. Find food. Explore. Go to sleep. Its harder doing shit over here though. Everything takes more effort to accomplish. Being in the states is really comfortable. Not being able to fluently speak the language is like being a fish out of water. It has made being vegan pretty difficult.

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