Thursday, November 22, 2007

Philly crunk

"James is always trying to write. When we were younger he would steal the crayons from my hands and write all over my placemat. As our family was broke all the time this would usually happen on our extravagant nights out on the town... at chuck e cheese. Whenever I'd look at the big stuffed mouse singing the latest beach boys cover he'd snatched my crayons from me. I was a little more concerned with eating them then with using them for creative purposes so I didn't mind that he had them in his possession. What irked me was his act of stealing. Little shit bag. No one steals from me!"

James: "First and foremost, I'd like to mention that during one of our rendevous with the electronic muppets of Chuckie Cheese, Matt and I, in a great collobrative effort, beat the arcade X-Men game: Sentinel Attack. It cost over twenty dollars in quarters, stolen from our parents over the course of six months. I was Wolverine. Matt was a lame ass chick-maybe Storm or Jean Grey, neither of who could fight well, they just bitched slap the robots unlike Wolverine who DESTROYED his opponents. Other than the obvious bullshit in Matt's story, the rest of his lies are true."

Matt: "As a natural leader I've always carved the path for the two of us. James has always lagged behind in my shadow, his nose drowning in the sweat puddles that I've left behind. I can understand his feelings, his therapist says that he has an inferiority complex. Well she said that its a complex, but its also justified because he is inferior."

James: "The pyschologist bills Matt."

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aragorn said...

James stuff aint bad. But don't tell him I said as much. Cuz he's a jerk. And so are you.