Friday, August 31, 2007

Plug me in

As I skipped rope I noticed a small herd of mma jocks entered the gym. Their backs were covered with elaborate asian tattoos and their ears were cauliflowered terds. In the world of martial arts the MMA guys seem like the stupid jocks who try to beat up the dorky kids in high school.

"Man its getting hot," jock number one said.
"How hot is it in oakland" asked jock number two.
"I bet its pretty hot. Man the whole world is getting hot. Did you hear about the earthquake in Greece," said jock number three.
"Yeah, and now Greece is on fire too. There is something going on with this world," jock number one said.
"If it gets too hot we're gonna go extinct like the dinosaurs," said jock number three.
"Dinosaurs? Maybe we can bring back the dinosaurs," said jock number one.
"Man it would be awesome to fight a dinosaur," stated jock number two.


EL CHAVO! said...

Yeah, what I wouldn't give to fight an ankylosaurus, those lil' bastards think they're the shit!

unity69 said...

Wow, stupid people can go anywhere!