Sunday, August 12, 2007

Art schmart

I've been making stencils off and on for about four or five years now. I've been expanding the size of my pieces as well as attempting to incorporate more intricacy. My latest prints have been muay thai related. Here are a series of my prints and the stencils themselves.
This is of Lone Wolf and cub. In between chapters in the manga series are pictures of Cub. I enlarged and copied one of those pictures.

This is the cover of the meat is murder album without the album title. My original intention was to sell this stencil at the morrissey show I went to recently. Unfortunately my ability to upsell is quite dismal.
This is vulture picture I took from a sandman comic I believe. IT was one of the first large stencils I did. The actual print is about 4 feet by 5 feet. Initially I intended on doing this on the street thus I made it two stencils. The dividing line can be seen by the wings.
This is my durriti stencil. Behind that is a dynamite stencil.
This is a print of Emo. Emo was Darkwater's dog while we were in Vegas. I liked him a lot.
This was my second large stencil, or maybe fourth. I can't remember. It was made for a girl.
This is the anarchy magazine logo. Huzzah!
Look someone drinking. This came from a noir comic book.
This came from the same comic. Sort of looks like foucault.


EL CHAVO! said...

That's a nice set of stencils, I think I like the vulture best. And Morrissey, of course.

Mr. Butch Sweaters said...

The MORRISSEY album is "Viva Hate," not "Meat Is Murder". MIM has a soldier on the cover (it's the same image used for the poster for the film THE YEAR OF THE PIG).

Indo Dreamin' said...

awesome stencils. I just started making some too and have posted them on my blog. I am looking for some good sandman images to stencil actually.