Saturday, August 11, 2007

Jack Attack

The street was empty except for the small bits of garbage blanketed that the curb sides like dead leaves in the fall. My bike leaned against the gym wall while I stared into space waiting for Jon to arrive. Jack and Paul opened up their car doors and started walking down the sidewalk towards me. Jack ran in front of his father with the robust energy of his 6 year old body.
"We got here before you did," Jack said excitedly.
"Hurray. Have you been here for a while," I asked.
"No. Not that long."
My mind wandered back to the events of the recent week. My mind has been looping over and over. Like a scratched cd, the song lingers on one beat, the same sentences repeat, the same questions still linger, the same feelings of disappointment, insecurity, and grief.
"Jack, why don't you put on your coat? You're going to get cold," Paul said.
"Okay, hold onto my backpack. Look at this telephone wire, I bet if we cut it down it will electrocute everyone." Jack gave the telephone support wire a firm shake. He paused and looked around.
"Why is Oakland so disgusting?"
I laughed, wanting to reply with some sort of anarchist aphorism about wealth distribution in society but let the moment slip. Why be didactic all the time? Why be didactic at all?
"They really speak their mind don't they," Paul commented.
There were no other kids in the muay thai class today so I spent my hour with Jack doing pad work, and shadow boxing. He was rather excited about it all. It was nice for me to have just one high energy pupil rather than five or six to keep an eye on. Usually I assist Nelson in with the kids' class but he was at the doctor's for the day. Volunteering to teach the class is fun for me, I get to spend time with kids in a way that doesn't involve parenthood, nor a ton of responsibility.

I've been spending more time alone. The solitude is a nice break. Most people don't seem to spend any time alone. Their individualism is more about accessorizing through various banal activities. Strong people should be able to stand alone, but maybe I'm just saying that to make myself feel better.

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