Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Tuk Tuk Thai Pat Thai

Tuk Tuk is located right around the corner from me. Their late night hours and cheap prices certainly makes this place appealing. The downside is that the rest of the crowd tends to be awful. Berkeley seems to be home to many boorish college students.
My pat thai was run of the mill. It had not spicy zest. It came with no appetizers, or side dishes. Nothing but pat thai and water for $8. The bean sprouts were a nice and essential addition. I'd previously overlooked the sprouts in my past pat thai. The tofu was okay. It was chunky and semi- fried. Not fried enough for my taste buds though! The noodles were lightly seasoned (bland for the falangs) but were otherwise unmentionable.

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Spectre of Bohemia said...

I've been getting the panang curry tofu for the last 2 years at Tuk Tuk Thai. You can never go wrong with that dish w/the brown rice.