Sunday, September 23, 2007

Thoughts on "Where will it end"

A friend just recently asked me how I go about writing these short stories, I think "Where will it end" is the third or fourth. I don't ever plan the stories out. I usually have a vague idea about what I want to write about, maybe a scene or just an item. In "Where will it end" I wanted to write about a young kid working at a department store. Later I wanted to include a scene with the father. That's it.

I usually sit down when I have time and the desire and try to write about a page or so. It takes me about an hour or so. I don't get writer's block (knock on wood) as I feel I am "just practicing." I'm not too concerned with a poignant moral, nor aesthetics. I like to try to work on small points, descriptions of things, dialogue and having real, believable characters. While I am still just dicking around with my writing I still enjoy reading my stories. Its the kind of writing I like to read.

I'd like more feedback on my writing but I know how rare that is.

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