Wednesday, September 12, 2007

More "Art"

I don't make copies of my stencils for myself anymore. I'm lazy. I've been giving them to the gym instead. Here are some hanging on the walls. This is an infamous picture of Mohammad Ali knocking out some sucka.
This is my first super large stencil and also one of my nicest. It really creates a good atmosphere in the gym. Its a six foot stencil, or more maybe. The guy in the picture is in the process of doing the wai khru, a ceremonial dance before each fight to honor one's instructors, parents, and other supportive people.

This is a stencil of one of the new trainers Coke. Coke was in the lumpinee top ten for some time and can be considered a pretty good fighter. This stencil is small about 10 inches by 20 inches but ended up being pretty intricate. If you close up on it you can see me practice some of my thai lettering. My name in Thai, the month, and the year appear in the bottom left corner.

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