Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pat Thai

I assume in the coming months that I'll be eating a lot of pat thai. Its cheapy, delicious, and easily made vegan. That said maybe I'll start reviewing my samplings of pat thai. Today's venture in pat thai was at Plearn. Plearn is located on shattuck and university close to my job and an easy bike ride from my house. A friend and I went over there for lunch and soon realized that they had a lunch combo plate that began with a rice soup. The soup was thick and heavily spiced with ginger. After the soup came out the pat thai. One of the reasons why I enjoy the pat thai at Plearn so much is for its greasiness. You can feel your skin break out in acne. The spice level was really tolerable for my falang tastebuds. It was hot enough to cause a slight sweat but mild enough to make me feel like I was tasting other flavors. The price was reasonable

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