Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Khao No Ma Meuang pt. 2

Last Saturday after picking up some vegan donuts and taking a nap in the park Rob and I went over to the local thai market; Tuk Tuk Thai. Located on University and Sacramento the market is only two miles from my house, a short bike ride. I'd gone in with the intention of procuring a steamer and sticky rice. It took me some time as I had no idea what the steamer looked like. had a vague description from Jon and Mike about a "bamboo hat." The worker I flagged down helped me to get the steamer and after several unsuccessful attempts to grab the right rice, one of the thai ladies at the market grabbed me Butterfly brand Sticky Rice.

Last night I soaked the sticky rice and after running this morning I steamed it. I dumped the rice into the cloth and then put a lid on it. It took about twenty minutes for the rice to steam. It was nice and sticky afterwards. The coconut suace I used this time called for more sugar (1/2 cup sugar, 2 cups coconut milk). I dumped half of the coconut sauce on the rice and let it sit for a while and then I dumped the other half on. Peeled the mangoes and bam Mango Sticky Rice. This time it was much better tasting.
The steamer, bamboo hat, and cloth were inexpensive. The cloth wasn't difficult to clean afterwards and the whole process was pretty easy for such a delicious treat.

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