Sunday, July 8, 2007

Can Dialectics...

Things have been pretty busy for me of late. More intensive training for the upcoming amateur fight is not only take up more time but more energy. It makes doing other things a little harder. I've also had to work more lately which is annoying. With so few other bartenders when one person needs a day off or gets sick we all end up getting fucked. Its a game of hot potatoe to see who gets the shaft the worst.

Today is a usual Sunday. I got up and cleaned the house after Sabrina had her party. We watched this awful scarring movie called Ken Park which evidently was supposed to be some sort of cathartic expression of teenage angst. Instead it was just painful. Anyways the house was littered with empty root beer bottles and melted jugs of ice cream. Then I did half of the large amount of dishes and went running.

Next its a shower, then off to Wat Mongkol for thai language lessons. There is a new semester beginning which is exciting although I'm unsure of which class I'll take. I outpaced the beginner class but it sounds like the advanced class might not be structured very well. After three hours of south eastern asian smack down its off to work. Seven and a half hours of pouring piss to drunks. Hopefully my genital pus will stay out of the beers this time.

I found this sweet clip today off of youtube. Its from the renowned situationist action flick "Can Dialectics Break Bricks?"

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