Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Khao Niao Ma Muang

In my constant quest to become the best Muay Thai Fighter ever, or at least on Carleton St. here in Berkeley I have decided it would be a good idea to increase my Thai cultural knowledge. By being a connoisseur of Thai food perhaps I'll become a better boxer. As the old white dude on the corner who sold me a ripped off copy of Ong Bak with a can of coconut milk said; "Eat like the Thai fight like the Thai!"

So Today after training at the gym I decided to make the simple dessert dish, Mango Sticky Rice. This recipe is pretty full proof, unless you burn the rice you're gonna end up with something tasty.

1) Coconut Milk -I used one can
2) Rice - I used sushi rice that my roommate had around. There are rices specifically made for sticky rice they can be found in the ethnic section of your local grocery or at an Asian food store
3) Mango -I used two small ones
4) Sugar -I used brown and about 1/4 cup
5) Vanilla -For Flava flava a teaspooon
6) Salt -Just a pinch yo

I dumped one cup of rice into a pot with one cup of water and let the rice soak for a little bit while I did other things. Then I dumped another cup of water in the pot and brought the water to a boil. After the water was boiling I turned it down to a simmer and let the rice cook, stirring occasionally so that shit didn't burn at the bottom.

While the rice cooked I made the sauce. I dumped a can of coconut milk, brown sugar, vanilla and salt into a sauce pan. I whisked that shit and added a little more brown sugar to taste. I ended up using a quarter of a cup of sugar, but I think it needed more.

I peeled the mango and cubed it into delicate pieces.

Once the rice was cooked I set it in the freezer. After about twenty minutes it turned into "sticky rice." Then I dumped the coconut sauce in the rice and set some mango on top. I chilled it for a while longer because I like my mango sticky rice cold. Then I shared it with some friends. The one cup of rice served 4 dessert sized portions.

Next time I think I'm gonna experiment with white sugar or maple syrup and use more rice as using the whole can of coconut milk made the dish a little soupy.

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