Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Gated Community

When I moved to the barrio from my former garden city of Berkeley I noticed how many fences there were. Every house it seemed like had some sort of demarcation of perimeter. These fences reflect the social landscape with their lack of elegance. You know no rich people live on this street with their fucking fancy fences. The gates also speak of the separation between people. There is a desire to protect one's own assets, an understandable one and putting up a fence, while useless for the most part, is a psychological defense. The fact that most crime and abuse happens between people that know each other seems like an important thing to recognize. You're more likely to have your shit stolen from friends, and acquaintances than some random thug roaming down the street. Its your neighbors who are going to grift from you. So why put up a fence?
Pretty Basic Bastille. Lots of wire. Some rods. Probably better than a solely wire fence. It was also pretty tall. Which makes me a little less likely to climb over it... unless I got a ladder with my bugarly tools.
This is rad. The fence is spikey, which means dangerous, and they've locked in their front porch. Double security.
Set behind the picture below is this row of houses. Reminds me of a minuature version of the big gated communities in las vegas. I'm glad there's no fucking neighborhood association on this block screaming at me about my substandard fence.
A big ass gate. Fancy.

The spikey fence pointing at different angles gives the climber of the fence a little more to worry about. Especially since my pants hang between my legs unevenly! Ouch!
The arched fence between brick blocks. Wait a second! I could just climb on top of those small pillars and avoid the fence all together. Looks like I'm looting this house tonight!
The classic white picket fence. Dreams of middle class suburbia reside here in the barrio!

White, Spikey, and you can't park your get away car in front! Damn!

No hanging out after I've robbed them!? What the hell?

This place has the right idea, just board up everything. They've even protected their windows with steel bars. That means that no one can get in or out! A fortress of safety!

Boarded up in the barrio!

I thought these stairs were nice, although it does make stealing couches harder. Why can't they have ramps for cat burglars? Its also worth noting the gate/front door.

Double security here on a shit house, a fence and a bike lock! Formidable!

What no fence? No locked in porch!? wait what's that? Oh protected by a security group. Better steer clear of that sign.

None of the usual trappings, but the color of this house seems to say; "We have nothing of value, look at us, we don't even value good colors on our abode!"

Oh shit a dog? Wait is it a Chihuahua? I think I saw this guy's little pocket pup shitting on the lawn the other day. No big deal!

Locked in gate and a fence! Double your safety double your fun!
White and spikey. Fucking racist!
Black and spikey. Fucking racist!

Pointy tops! Wouldn't want to climb this and catch my balls on those spikes!

Classic wire fence. Meh no problem with my fence cutters!

Locked front door!

A fence on wheels!

Gate Guardians! Damn this one's seen some action! Missing a paw no doubt defending an intruder!
A spin on the classic white picket fence motif
Shitty house!
Look at that shitty fence! Burglars are going to hop over that for sure!


shane said...

Did any of these security minded neighbors comment on you photographing their homes?

mlucas said...

no one did luckily. I also skipped the houses where people were loitering outside. Don't want to upset the neighbors!

eric. said...

that white house is sexy

dawnfurious said...

"The fence is spikey, which means dangerous, and they've locked in their front porch. Double security."

yes. and, i really like this. good job.

EL CHAVO! said...

Welcome to my world! I did a post similar to this quite some time ago, check it out to see the gates of LA!

cindylu said...

Poor lion.