Monday, March 22, 2010

Graffitti Times

I haven't been in the barrio for a bit because of boxing. The punishment in the ring has had me laid up for a minute. I came home the other day and stopped by the neighbors to chat and drop off some gifts, a very neighborly thing to do if I say so myself. They informed me on some of the local events and reminded me that I should stop by the park.
Crappy Park

The park is located at the end of the block. Its small, dirty, and as pointless as most of the other crappy amenities within the urban sphere. The park is primarily empty during the day, but at night the hood rats come out and congregate. As one of the few public, open spaces (although the park technically closes at dusk) the park is a great meeting place for the local kids to hang out.
Stupid Rulez!!!
Its also one of the places where they can communicate with each other and the world through their not so secret language of delinquency - graffiti. When I need to know what's going on in the world I always look at the regional scrawl.

The language of delinquency

For the most part the scribble of graffiti is mundane, fights over territory, remarks on who gives the best blow jobs, and the occasional bit of news. The latter is what's really important. Its a great way of knowing whose locked up.Hope Demon36 has a good lawyer!!

I can agree with that!

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EL CHAVO! said...

You are an excellent interpreter of parks.