Sunday, January 10, 2010

Music round up

I put my art show up! For more info click here.

Last night I went out to the cat club with a few friends to celebrate a birthday. I've only been to the Cat Club in SoMa a few times. The club event was called "Gossip" and in the front room was goth while in the back was 80s pop. When I first got there I felt terribly awkward, but not as awkward as the old weird people petting the air looked. The average clubber last night must have been at least fifty, and their age/oddness was accentuated by their clothing. The good thing though was some of the music. My friend told me about Bronski Beat a gay 80s pop band that evidently met as communist youth. The video below chronicles the tale of a young boy who is gay bashed.

Bronski Beat-Smalltown boy

Flock of Seagulls- I ran

Ministry Revenge

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mel said...

I like that Al Jourgensen likes to pretend the synthpop albums never happened, but that was their good stuff!