Thursday, February 19, 2009


Our running shoes hit the pavement. The sun beat down on the back of our necks. The summer light was making my neck red, and David's more tan. Our shirts were wet with perspiration.
"How far are we running?"
"Why are you asking? We run the same course every day," I replied.
"Well, maybe today our training is a little lighter," David said laughing.
"You're incorrigible. It does remind me of how Sagapetch told me how he used to not run when his trainers told him too. He'd hide and then wet himself with water so it looked like he'd sweat."
"He's so lazy. All he does now is talk about girls, he doesn't train anymore."
"I guess that's what America does to you," I finished my sentence by picking up speed. I could hear David groan.

We ran from the gym to Lake Merritt in Oakland six times a week when we were training for a fight. After training we would do sprints on the road by the gym. Sagapetch as lazy as he was would always yell at us if we took too long to run around the lake.

"How's the girl," I asked David after ten minutes of running. We were by the south side of the lake. We were going over a bridge and there was a small beach to the north. On the south side was a small highway that led into East Oakland.

"She's okay. She's trying to get me to go back to school."
"Go back to school? But then you won't be able to fight."
"I know."
"What do you think she's getting out of the relationship?"
"Uh, I don't know."
"I don't really think about it that much either. I think that's why Samantha left, why she cheated on me and then broke things off. I didn't know what she was getting out of the relationship, and then I guess she wasn't getting enough."
"I don't think that's a good reason for someone to cheat on you," said David betweens puffs of breath. David was huffing and puffing not because he was out of shape, nor because of asthma but because he wanted to walk. He feigned laziness and injury all the time.
"I guess there's an implicit trust walking into a relationship," I said.
"How do you think training is going?"
"I wish we were doing more knee sparring," David replied.
"Yeah, more knee sparring."

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