Monday, January 26, 2009

Soi 65

I've started training twice a day. I wake up at 6:05am to the sound of my thai cell phone speaking to me in english; "It is six o' five, it is time to get up." I lay in bed and contemplate going back to sleep but decide against it. There was a constant inner battle last time here. It was a small victory to just get up in the mornings and go train. Being away from the camp certainly demands more self discipline. I walk to the sky train which is simliar to BART and then take a motorcycle taxi a couple kilometers to prarama 4 where Ingram is located. The training takes about two and a half hours.

This morning I did three hundred sit ups, and worked on kneeing high, and with more distance by arching my back more. The trainers kept talking about this girl in the window and then they said she was fat. They also asked me if my dick was big, evidently thai's believe that westerners have big cocks. I showered after training and walked home. En route to the house I stopped by a couple magazine stands looking to procure a thai alphabet workbook not being able to find one I ate at a local pad thai stand. I should start reviewing the pad thai. I've been eating a lot of it. This one was okay, a bit pricey at 45 baht and they put shrimp into it! I picked out the shrimp and ate the meal anyways. Being out here I'm not as ascetic about being vegan, its difficult especially with my rudimentary language skills. That and they sometimes will sneak in fish sauce.

I've been reading a fair amount and keeping my journal up to date along with working on letters. I haven't been doing much for short stories though. My imagination is dead right now.

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eric. said...

take pictures! of your house, gym, girls, food, ladyboys, fighters. take pictures!