Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bangkok night

Central world mall is located in the heart of Bangkok. Connected to the sky train (BTS) and slightly off sukumwit road the bougerosie shopping center contains hoards of shops for the rich thai's off krungtep (bangkok/bkk) to dump their money into. It also provides a place for the less well endowed to window gaze. I got to Central world around 6 o'clock. Mike was there idling about the edges of the Swatch fashion show. He talked with his geek (love interest) and looked bored with his model good looks. We watched the runway show for a while with a blase attitude. Five young thais dressed in plaid and high heels danced about as a main model would saunter down the green carpet to the main stage. On stage they would pose, vogue, pose, and make attempts to look deliciously good, mainly they looked boring. Mike and I stood at the show for about an hour engaging in small chit chat between us. He came to make some connections, to meet up with his geek, and to obtain a free watch. At the end of the show Mike got a new Swatch watch, an elegant but simple affair. Later in the night he said:
"What do I need a watch for? I need some money!"

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Anonymous said...

he should sell it via the internet...or to kids...or to suckers willing to paaaaay...