Monday, January 21, 2008

Excerpt from The Nation

Matchima Thipataya triumph in Buri Ram

By elections in Buri Ram's Constituency 1 were a landslide for the Matchima Thipataya Party, while the People Power Party Swept two seats in Chaiyaphum's Consituency 2.

The Buri Ram rerun saw Matchima Thipataya's three candidates all win seats after three People Power Party candidates were issued red cards for electoral fraud in the December 23 poll.

The results in Buri Ram confirmed speculation that the PPP would lose out to Matchima Thipataya candidates. The Buri Ram Constituency 1 turnout was 50 per cent, lower than the December poll, a province election official said.

Some Buri Ram voters expressed their fustration with politics by writing "Boring" on their ballot papers

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