Thursday, January 24, 2008

Daorungchujaren Battle

Rajadamnern Stadium is located in northwest bangkok, part of the old city. The drive from Ingram took us about a half hour. We all packed into a large van to go watch, support, or corner Daosaming fight Yodthanu from Wor. Wacharis gym. The bout was set at 54.75 kilo or 120 lbs.

The stadium is set up like an amphitheater. The ring is in the center with the exit to the left. The ring is surrounded by fold out chairs where ringsiders sit for 2,000 baht. A tier of stadium style seats are a little higher, then there are a bunch of benches and a fenced area for the gamblers. The stadium is about the size of a small baseball stadium or high school auditorium.

The bout was the fourth of the evening and we arrived as the first bout was getting underway. After some initial conversation we went to the back room where Daosaming's hands were wrapped by Burning. Unlike in america where the hand wrapping is regulated and judiciously watched by an official no one paid the slightest attention to Doasaming and Burning. Burning put a thick layer of tape on Daosaming's hands and created a strong ridge around his knuckles. A layer of cotton was put on and then another layer of tape.

I watched a few of the fights as Doasaming got ready. The first fight ended with an elbow knock out which was quite exciting. The other two fights were pretty unremarkable. All of the fighters looked young, maybe 19 or 20, and weighed a little over 100 lbs.

Yodthanu was slightly taller than Daosaming and a little skinnier. The two did their wai khrus then the bout began. The first round started off slowly, the two opponents testing each other. Daosaming chopped repeatedly at Yodthanu's lead leg scoring some major blows. The second round had Yodthanu becoming more defensive teeping at Daosaming. The ingram coaches screamed to Daosaming to left kick. He kicked several times at Yodthanu's body landing most of his blows cleanly. The third round had them engage in knee sparring. Yodthanu attempted to elbow Daosaming in the forehead to no avail. Every engagement that was made Daosaming won. The fourth round had more kicking, and the last round was an easy walk to victory for Daosaming. The Ingram corner was ecstastic as Daosaming won.

We watched a few more bouts including the main bout between Anuwat Kaewsamrit fight against Petusawin Zeetranferry. Anuwat had excellent and heavy hands that almost knocked his opponent out in the first two rounds. The last three rounds were close but Anuwat gained
the victory.

At the end of the night we went back towards Ingram. We all had dinner at a small restaraunt near the gym and engaged in karaoke. It was pretty hilarious hearing the fighters, and trainers sing. I didn't get home until 2am and slept through my alarm.

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