Sunday, February 4, 2007

A Chelsea Smile

Unfolding the plastic razor and looking at the razor edge draws my attention away from the water that's too cold. After seeing Pan's Labryinth in which the main villian, General Vidal, shaves using a straight blade razor I decided to start using one myself. Taking the shaving gel from its place by the tub and squeezing some out into my left hand I rub the cream over my face. Looking in the mirror I begin my first slow stroke downwards. Ten to fifteen minutes later my face still has splotches of hair, my blade handling abilities aren't that great, but this was a big improvement over my first attempt. After a while I get fustrated and grab my regular razor to finish the job.

This week has been okay. I took a private lesson with Mike, and will have another tomorrow. I worry a little bit about maxing out of pacific ring. There are not enough fighters who are consistent and at my level of training/experience (or more) to work with. Pacific is still a new gym so there isn't a stable of fighters quite yet, which makes me the bleeding edge. All of these concerns are based on my desire to keep fighting, to fight harder, smarter, stronger, and longer.

The Meathook series is fictional.

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