Friday, January 12, 2007


Seeing old friends is nice, but also reminds me of the different life choices we've made. The most blatant difference is geographical. Many of my peers are still in the new york area, they just migrated an hour south from our college town and are now engulfed in the flow of the city. In many ways its a comfortable and easy choice; "So many of my friends have moved down to the city why shouldn't I? Plus my family is close by." Starting over in an entirely new area, being forced to recreate yourself is uncomfortable, but it allows you to have an understanding of who you want to be. Most cities are the same, banal. Tall buildings, shitty public transporation, mediocre bars, the only difference is who you end up spending your time with. The people you hang out with, the relationships you form, that's who you are. Moving to another city, to another area, allows (and forces) you to redecide what style of people you want to be around, who you want to become.

"Big City"

Too late to go back home
Stranded in the streets
Sweatin' in the heat
Don't care to be a star
Poundin' on the doors
Sleepin' on the floors

Big City... ain't too pretty
Big City... nice and loud
Big City... don't want no pity
Big city's one big crowd

No chance to make the big time
I've been tryin' hard
Got to take it far
No love along the way
I been moving fast
Gotta make it last


They say no no no everywhere I go
But I'm gonna win
Fight the odds against God
Here in the city of sin... in the city of sin

I gotta get ahead
To many schemes
To many dreams
I gotta be somebody
Gotta bleed
For the things I need

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