Monday, January 15, 2007

Hic Niger est!

Before my trip to the east coast Artnoose took out the tattoo gun and sunk the needles into me. Having chosen a short phrase from Friedrich Nietzsche's The Gay Science was easy, its short and elegant. Incipit Tragoedia - The Tragedy Begins. It reminds me of the Birth of Tragedy, of his views on beauty and form. There's a strong possibility that my choice was an attempt to remind myself of the futility and meaningless of life.
Covering it up later on is a possibility, certainly my little heart is a sore on the eyes, although I've taken a liking to my new tattoo. My preference is to have an entire style which would consist of more black blocks, or designs on my body.
Artnoose did it in two sessions one before my trip and one when I came home.

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