Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Once in a while

Its been some time since I've written on this blog. Initially the blog was a space for me to explore attempts at writing. I've since enrolled in college which has taken up a lot of my creative writing time. This past semester I took a creative writing class, one of my pieces was published. You can read it here.  Along with that piece I wrote a multitude of others, of varying quality. Below are two of the pieces that I did, the first is an ode the second is a prose poem. Enjoy.

Ode to My Iphone V

When you came on the marketplace,
Oh how I waited,
With breath unabated.
I waited in lines,
For your sale,
For hours,
For days,
For minutes of eternal entity.
How I longed for your sleek, slim, casing to spirit me,
Along the internet oceans.
The anticipation of your arrival,
Was more to me the death of a million Jobs,
In America, in China, in the dying of the world economy,
More important than the dinner conversations
That a few years ago went languidly uninterrupted by 
Your buzz, your beautiful buzz or your Marimba ring tone,
The world could collapse as long as I had you,
And my 4G network.
You, you are my key, my plane, my ticket,
Out of boring conversations,
Out of mundane work activities,
Out of the here, the now, 
To that technological palace
Of Facebook, with its internet popularity contests,
Of Okcupid, with its countless sordid matches,
Of Youtube, with its clips of grown men being hit in the balls.
Of Instagram, with its hipster's pictures spam
And your apps,
The skyping, the twitter, the flashlights, the games, the netflix, the banking,
The ability to see stocks and the weather,
Real time watching of the 
Your camera,
With its ability to give birth to
Panoramic dick pics
To send to anonymous numbers
So they might see
The high resolution abilities 
Of your great technology.
Oh Iphone,
Oh Iphone,
How I long for an Iphone 6

----A Prose Poem

"Sleep, Commute, Work, Sleep, Commute, Work..."

I woke up with a hangover. I commute, commute, commute arriving ten minutes late. The boss rolls her eyes as my feet shuffle to the table.
"Hello my name is... Can I start you off with a cocktail?"
I had too many last night. I don't pay attention to what they say. I just nod my head and write down what I want. Little scribbles of stickmen being hung. I walk back to the terminal punching in their order. The goods are shuttled. 
"How is everything?" A muster of care.
I walk around and around and around. A customer scowls, picking up their check, the meager tip creates a continuinity of scowls. I meet and greet another table. Then another and another. Boredom mixes with malaise. My phone doesn't ring, so I'm still waiting, waiting, waiting, for the call that will get me   out of here.The shift is over and my feet are tired. I sit down with a drink, and another and another. I think I'll wake up with another hangover, and over, and over.

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