Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bad Romance

"Nakano," I said, pulling on the lanky Japanese man's shirt. "Nakano."
"Wass," he replied. He kept his attention focused in front of him. The rottweiler mutt, Gleo trotted alongside of our small group of boxers.
"I don't want to go jogging anymore."
"I don't want to go jogging anymore," I said with a sigh. "I hate jogging."
"Me too," he replied with a laugh. "No more jogging!" He raised his fist against the enemies of our condition.
Apisat and Apisit, twin brothers at Sitmonchai began jogging down the Thamaka road. Nakano followed. I groaned and pursued.
We came back to the gym after our 12 kilometer run down the side streets of Thamaka in rural Kanchanaburi.
Upon returning to the Muay Thai camp we sat down on a bench.
"Nakano, Nakano," I said.
"Wass," he replied.
"I don't like Muay Thai anymore."
He laughed. "Me too."

My training here at Sitmonchai is coming to a close as my fight is on sunday. I am slated to fight a much smaller opponent as my original foe cut his finger somehow. Who knows the opponent might be changed last minute again. I'm excited about having training being over with because I am getting burned out on it. In lieu of training this afternoon I have opted to watch Rocky montage's. Until then myself and Muay Thai are having a bad romance.

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