Saturday, February 27, 2010

Il est interdit d'interdire!

It is forbidden to forbid!

The French kids have really captured my attention of late with their musical scores. My friend, who has been staying out here in the barro, told me about the latest of French New wave, latest of course being relative. Specifically my ear has been caught by Indochine. Formed in the year of my birth, 1981, the popular 80s new wave band was quite the success in their homeland along with abroad in Latin America and other parts of the continental Europe. Not understanding a bit of the nasal I can only surmise that the lyrics are about the poverty of love, longing, and the other muck that makes up the lyrical soundtrack of the 80s.

Indochine- l'aventurier

3 nuits par semaine (They're looking old)

Images- Les Demons de minuit

A weird video that came up while I was looking at Indochine

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