Monday, December 21, 2009


I enjoy going to the movies. Perhaps it was a product of my time working in movie theatres that has made me crave going to see the latest piece of crap put on screen, or perhaps I just like watching pretty things move about. Either way today I saw Avatar, the new James Cameron flick. The movie, of course, was visually very interesting, particularly because I saw it in an imax theatre. I've never seen a movie in one of these rooms, essentially you wear 3-d glasses and stare at a screen that is as big as a fucking football field. While the movie progressed I looked behind me and saw rows of glasses staring at a screen, it was like the cover of society of the spectacle (the black and red edition). The movie itself was okay. The plot was long and drawn out and little more than an updated version of "Dances with Wolves." I recently read an article that attempted to make the movie an allegory for US involvement in the middle east. I thought it was more "Fern Gully" meets "Last of the Mohicians." Spectacle, spectacle, what pretty pictures you parade.

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