Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The principles of Nietzsche

I haven't been writing, well not on the blog. I've continued my writing elsewhere, letters, short stories, an article for mymuaythai. I've also been busy with training again. On Saturday I'll be fighting my first amateur boxing fight. I look forward to the bout. It will be good experience and I feel I'll perform well. Afterwards I plan on taking a short break from the world of pugilism and muay thai, perhaps a week. I hope to finish up some of my writing projects, and maybe start something up on here. In the mean time here is a link to my write up about my latest fight (along with a video).

And for your enjoyment I've posted a good Gossip video. Perhaps my favorite part of this song is the reference to my favorite author. I was recently told by a friend (this is something that I've heard countless times) that Nietzsche is a favored philosopher amongst prisoners. Why is that?

Heavy Cross

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Karin Spirn said...

It's funny--I love that Gossip song, and I keep wanting the title to be a boxing reference/double entendre, but it's totally not.