Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Working it. pt. 1

I woke up at 7:45, tired still from the day's exercises. I put in my contact and blinked until they fit in without irritation to my eye. I brushed my teeth, wiping away the halitosis and then picked up my light track bike and headed out the door.
It takes me about ten minutes to get to the White Horse. Its about 15 blocks from my house on telegraph and 65th. I nodded to Rob as I walked in and looked up at the clock. I don't have to clock in but I like to be on time regardless, its a perverse work ethic and this is actually a job I like AND would like to keep. I set to work immediately filling up the ice buckets. I dumped the ice in the back room bar sinks and turned on the lights.
There were two women in the backroom, where the dance floor is located. They were rehearsing for their stripping show this Sunday. Every month a strip show is held at the bar, some of the proceeds go to an AIDS organization. The two women were playing around with some big feathery wings and taking off their bras. I snuck a few peeks at their breasts as I plugged in the lights, opened the back door, and put out the bar mats.
Setting up the back bar only takes 15 minutes and after my brief stint of work I did a sweep of the front rooms. The bar is composed of a main room with a pool table, and a smoking room/patio, that also holds a pool table. As usual it was pretty mellow with about 20 people in the bar. There weren't many glasses so I went to the back room to chat with my other coworkers as they counted their tills and what not.
There are a total of 7 workers on during the evening. There is the DJ, DJ Jay R, the backroom bartender, Isiah, the front bartenders, Winny and Robert, the admittance clerk, Roeholio, and the security guy, Charlie. I like all of them. Jay R is a nice, hip, kid in his mid twenties. He has a penchant for baseball caps and modern r &b. Isiah is a midwesterner and looks the part with his dirty blond hair, height, and dry wit. Robert is an outgoing guy who usually wears corny t-shirts like; "Sex Instructor, first lesson free," or "I shaved my balls for this." Winny the other bartender is a stout dyke with long red hair. She always wears a cap and has a pleasant demeanor. Rolieo is a tall Latino with a big grin, he enjoys playing the games on his cell phone as he collects the door fees. Charlie the security guy is a barrel chested douche, nuff said.

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