Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Nak Muay

I was much more nervous for this fight than my fifth. I'm not exactly sure why but I can make some guesses: it was at a different gym, my opponent was more experienced, and I wasn't sure if I had trained enough or hard enough. My opponent had nine fights and an amateur fight at Strikeforce (which he lost unfortunately). The fight was pretty active although it was only two rounds. I was excited that every time he caught my kick I turned my knee over and grabbed the back of his head escaping his grasp. That was probably the highlight of the fight for me. It was a very active two rounds. The first round was composed primarily of knee sparring while the second round had us doing more punching and kicking. I slammed him twice with leg kicks that were not attached to any punch combinations which I thought was funny. Mike is always yelling at us to set up our leg kicks.
In other news I've recently finished my first personal zine in a very long time. Its called Nak Muay and is composed of journal entries about my first two fights and my training during that period. The zine was a bit brutal and tedious to make. Not only was the editing process annoying (evidently my ability to puncuate a sentence correctly is lacking) but the lay out was much more difficult than I initially expected. I've made 200 copies and will be mailing them out pretty soon. If anyone wants a copy please let me know.

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chimatli said...

Me! Me! I wanna a copy!