Saturday, April 14, 2007

How can you say I go about things in the wrong way?

Today was my fifth fight. One step closer to fighting at an amateur level, one more lesson(s) to be learned, one more "real" showcase of my experience. I'm a relatively cool fighter, as in I don't get real nervous, however, there are a multitude of things I could work on. First of is being dynamic, putting more power into the kicks and punches and also into the knees that I threw. A lot of the fight was tied up in the clinch and was pretty fruitless as my opponent clung on to me in a boxer's clinch making it difficult for me to knee him. Mike (my instructor) after the first round asked me how I was;
"I'm fine."
"He's gassed."
"Try to make more space when you knee."
The second round had us tied up a lot. I looked at the crowd and saw the eyes' of duck (Jason's girl,) Shalon, and others, then my eyes turned towards Mike and he made the shovel motion, less than two seconds later I dumped my opponent onto the ground. He clung onto me really tight thus going down with me. We stood back up and I hit him hard with a right kick which landed but before I pulled it back he caught and so I turned my knee inwards and hopped around. I felt at the time that I was a superior fighter, which is a weird feeling. That was one of those moments.
"You caught my leg but it doesn't matter." Is what I said to him in my head.
Its over so soon. Its only 6 minutes, sometimes its a lifetime, sometimes like right now its just a bleep. I didn't gas out, I didn't have as much power as I would have liked, I did listen to Mike very attentively, I did throw SOLID knees, I did face a decent opponent....
One step closer to something more....

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