Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Reflections on You Just haven't earned it yet

The original idea for this story came out of an incident of jealousy that arose in my life. A brief flare, but still an emotion that doesn't come to me that often. Largely there is little romantic jealousy in my life due to my constant single status. Jealousy isn't a very pleasant feeling, and there seems little that one can do about it. Ignore it, accept it, indulge it, but the base feelings of insecurity within the relationship usually don't go away... or at least immediately. While the symptom of the jealousy may disappear, in this case the symptom would be the picture, the underlying problem that causes the jealousy isn't even addressed. Instead the main character gloomily goes along with his working life.

Which is the second thing that I wanted to try to write more about. There are few modern authors who address the day to day lives of workers, or even depict work. Work while omnipresent is never addressed. Television sitcoms are particularly adept at showing the main characters rarely ever toiling, and why? Because work is boring, its dreary, its soul sucking, is as healthy as eating shit. I'd recently finished B. Traven's Trozas. What Traven does, unlike most authors, is to address work, and painfully so. One of his more famous books "The Death Ship," is so inscrutiating about the details of work that the book is almost unbearable to even read. Anyways it made me think about work so I wanted to try to write about it more.

I did a fair bit of plagarizing in this one; there is a section of an Emma Goldman letter to Ben Reitman, an excerpt from "the end of restaraunts" by the people at http://prole.info/ and an short paragraph by Raoul Vaneigem from Revolution of Everyday life www.nothingness.org
Not feeling the need to be original frees me up to reuse, and recontextualize other's words. The reason why I searched out that Emma Goldman letter was because I'd read an essay about jealousy that she wrote, or perhaps she addressed it in her essay about marriage. Regardless while pubically she was for free love, her private life was a tangle of emotions. Her relationship with Ben Reitman, a free love hobo, was often torn by jealousy. The prole info people do a good job of depicting working at a restaurant, and so I figured why waste my time when someone else had said it so well. The Vaneigem piece I put in for its poignancy, its poignant about the aliennating sense of isolation, and depression that people feel (I particularly identified with the person Vaneigem wrote about) and for its scene at the bar. Most of my characters will probably be alcoholics for a while.

On completely unrelated topic, I got my vasectomy.

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